Khan Theater expansion

5000 sq m
The Jerusalem Foundation
In Progress
In Progress
N.Meltzer Y.April Architects

נחום מלצר יצחק אפריל אדריכלים הרחבת תאטרון החאן (6)

The Jerusalem Kahn theater, which is the only repertory theater in Jerusalem, and one of the leading ones in Israel, is situated in one of the city’s prettiest compounds. The necessity in modernising and expanding the theater has been made clear due to the growth in the theaters activities.The additional hall, as well as the expansion and modernising of the compound, will allow the theater to grow and present large scale productions to a larger crowd.

The plan proposes a new hall capable to sit 400 viewers, as well as a new vestibule designed for gatherings and as an entrance hall to the two theaters. Additional space has been made for dressing rooms, production and maintenance areas.the original entrance via the inner courtyard, as well as the passageways will be preserved and will serve as the entrance to the new theater hall.

The entire building addition will be underground and on its roof will be restored the original topography of the ‘biblical hill’ as an urban city-park.

The theaters administration is now working on finding donors to fund the elaborate project.

נחום מלצר יצחק אפריל אדריכלים הרחבת תאטרון החאן (2)

נחום מלצר יצחק אפריל אדריכלים הרחבת תאטרון החאן (4)

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