Historical compound in Meah She’arim neighborhood

12000 sq m
Hekdesh (Waqf) Vitenberg
in progress
in progress

General description

Hekdesh (Waqf) Vitenberg is an historical compound sprawling over 5258 sqm, is a historical compound in Meah She’arim neighborhood, Jerusalem, consisting of 6 historical buildings surrounding an inner courtyard.

Plan 1 (1991) – with architect Meiron Poliackin- designated 4 of the 6 historical buildings to be destroyed in order to widen the road and planned additional stories upon the 2 buildings designated for preservation.

Plan 2 (2014) – Meltzer-April architects – in light of the municipalities change in restrictions regarding building in the historical city, and plan proposes the preservation of all 6 buildings, with 3 to 4 additional stories. In addition, the plan proposes to restore the original courtyard, preserve and add upon the public building and add commercial spaces.

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