Expansion of the Knesset

48,000 sqm.
'Knesset' Israel
נחום מלצר, במסגרת שותפות נ.מלצר ג.איגרא אדריכלים

נחום מלצר יצחק אפריל אדריכלים - הרחבת הכנסת סקיצה איזומטרית

Expansion of Israel’s parliament the ‘Knesset’

General Description

Preparation of the project’s master plan was consolidated by the Knesset Steering Committee. Construction was carried out through D.B.O.T. (Design-Build-Operate-Transfer) and was tendered by “Shafir” Construction Co. Total building area stands at 48,000 sqm. The scope of work included the following program elements: Offices for members of parliament and supporting functions of Knesset activities, a new committee bld., a new entry, an underground parking facility beneath the existing Knesset piazza, a new energy building, new roads and comprehensive landscaping within the new addition. The new wing was built on the eastern slopes of the Knesset compound in a terraced way, so to avoid the obstruction of view to the historic Knesset building.

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