Preservation of historic building

Hansen's Complex, Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Development Authority - JDA
N. Meltzer I. April Architects

Preservation of Hansen’s Complex

General Description

The preservation of the historic building, Hansen’s Complex, one of the structures on the list of 110 buildings designated for preservation in Jerusalem, previously served as a hospital for lepers in Talbia, Jerusalem. The work scope includes the renovation and preservation of the compound towards becoming a home of design, media, film and technology. Exhibition spaces, animation lab, theater space and interactive sessions of the new media will produce a building that will be the center for creative ctivities which mix academic and public functions and which will be open to visitors. The complex will host artists, exhibitions and other art exhibits fields that will generate professional community and collaboration between all agencies, local and international institutions, involved in research and development in the mutual relations between design media and technology. In addition, the complex will house a restaurant, coffee shop and events that will be open to the general public.

Article about Hansen’s Complex preservation in Xnet

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